Thursday, November 29, 2007

Updates and considerations

The new website has now been online for a month, and the feedback has been really positive. I tried to create a simple and functional website that would reflect all the work that I've done. When you look back at your previous professional experiences, you can't help think how things could've been done as far as some projects are concerned. But in the end, you just have to be comfortable with your choices and learn from each and every project (and company) you've dealt with. The future is always radiant and there's so much more to learn and do. New personal projects include the update of the Photography website (all the layouts are done and I'm quite excited about the development) and quite possibly trying to get my short stories published. On a sad note, Pixelsurgeon has ended, with much sadness on my part. I had the privilege of being a collaborator for the site, and was a reader for years. I certainly hope Jason Arber and everyone have a terrific time and a lot of success in their new projects.
All and all with everything balanced, things are moving ahead.