Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oscar Nominations

The Oscar nominations for 2007 are now well known. "There Will Be Blood" and "No Country for Old Men" lead with "Michael Clayton" and "Atonement" closely behind. It's actually a wonderful year for Hollywood when such great films find themselves in the front runner for some major awards. Hopefully more people will see them and be astonished by some really truly remarkable work!
As always there are omissions and injustices that seem a bit odd. Angelina Jolie got left out of the nominations when she has been on the awards list on every possible awards competition (notice the Baftas, Golden Globes, Independent Spirit Awards, SAG awards). Placing Cate Blanchett for "Elizabeth: The Golden Age", a film that was mediocre at the very most, feels forced and quite unnecessary when she appears nominated (and deservedly) for best supporting actress in Todd Hayne's "I'm not There". It's sad to see that "In the Valley of Elah" didn't get more recognition, as well as "Eastern Promises", but the nominations of Tommy Lee Jones and Viggo Mortensen respectively should make the films stand out a bit more.
One great event of these Oscars: the stupendous Tilda Swinton gets her first Oscar nomination for "Michael Clayton".
Check the entire list of nominations here.