Sunday, March 30, 2008


Movie name: Loggerheads
Year of release: 2005
Director: Tim Kirkman
Stars: Bonnie Hunt, Tess Harper, Kip Pardue, Michael Kelly, Chris Sarandon, Michael Learned, Robin Weigert, Valerie Watkins
Genre: Drama
Score out of ten (whole numbers only): 6.5

The term "indie" usually shelters a wide diversity of films, from those who get the backing of the majors, to others like "Loggerheads" a little film shot in under a month and that somehow finds an emotional resonance that a lot of big Hollywood productions fail to achieve. "Loggerheads" apparently follows three different stories, but they converge into a single one. The screenplay is very intelligent in the way that blends these apparently different stories, in different time frames, into a single line, where the fate of the characters all come to place. The story initially follows Mark, a young man who comes to a beach in North Carolina to watch the Loggerhead turtles. Simultaneously we follow the lives of Elizabeth and Reverend Robert Austin, a married couple whose estranged son has long lost contact, and we are also introduced to Grace Sheridan, a woman who's grieving still from giving her son to adoption 20 something years ago. These seemingly disparate stories converge to a single one, but what is really praiseworthy is the way the director, Tin Kirkman, allows his characters to build and to present themselves. These are all bruised people, who hide themselves quietly in the hopes someone can reach and somehow liberate them. All the cast does a great job, with Tess Harper, Bonnie Hunt and Michael Kelly all giving really terrific performances. Definitely worth checking out!