Friday, January 22, 2010

Up in the Air

Movie name: Up in the Air
Year of release: 2009
Director: Jason Reitman
Stars: George Clooney, Vera Farmiga, Anna Kendrick, Jason Bateman, Melanie Lynskey, Amy Morton, JK Simmons, Sam Elliott, Danny McBride, Zach Galifianakis
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance
Score out of ten (whole numbers only): 7

Synopsis:After two first acclaimed films, "Thank you for Smoking" and "Juno", Jason Reitman embarks on another well adapted film that focuses on the current economic turmoil that most countries are experiencing. The film follows the story of Ryan Bingham, a specialist in downsizing companies. He is brought in when companies want to dismiss their employees. Ryan has no personal life of his own since he spends most of it on air, in hotels, going from company to company dismissing and firing people. On one of his trips he meets Alex, a woman for whom personal relationships are very much in sync with what Ryan believes to work. Ryan has an ultimate goal to gather sufficient flier miles, something that is put to the test when a new co-worker with some revolutionary ideas comes to challenge the establishment.
Jason Reitman smartly adapts and contextualizes the story of Ryan Bingham to the times of economic turmoil that are being experienced by everyone. However the film digs deeper and analyzes why Bingham is pretty much alienated from everyone. He has built a cocoon around himself that prevents anyone of coming closer, including his sisters. When Natalie comes into the picture, she starts to crack the cover Ryan has built throughout the years. Through her, Ryan sees how life can be actually lived and felt. The film is fantastically well acted, particularly by George Clooney, Vera Farmiga and Anna Kendrick. Definitely a film to watch.