Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Film of the Weekend

Movie name: Redacted
Year of release: 2007
Director: Brian de Palma
Stars: Rob Devaney, Izzy Diaz, Patrick Carroll, Eric Anderson, Ty Jones, Daniel Stewart Sherman
Genre: Drama, War
Score out of ten (whole numbers only): 6

Synopsis:After the mediocre "The Black Dahlia", Brian de Palma goes back to a territory he visited before, the war film. This film ends up bearing quite a few resemblances with "Casualties of War" that he directed in 1989 with Michael J. Fox and Sean Penn. Again it uses a true case that took place in the scenario that is war (in this case, the war in Iraq, in the 1989 film the Vietnam war), and makes a case for anti-war and how horrible and destructive it can be. "Redacted" tries to be a product of the times we live in, since the director creates the film "based" on different sources, from an amateur documentary point of view, to internet clips, news from TV channels, all to make his point loud and clear. All the unknown actors end up playing variations on the same soldiers that have been depicted in other war films, and this ends up being the major fault behind this film. Regardless of the position or ideology behind this film, it ultimately brings nothing new in terms of the way it presents itself, and that in a director with the talent of Brian de Palma, is simply regrettable.