Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Movie name: Bruno
Year of release: 2009
Director: Larry Charles
Stars: Sacha Baron Cohen, Gustaf Hammersten, Clifford Banagale
Genre: Comedy
Score out of ten (whole numbers only): 4

Sacha Baron Cohen is back with another provocation-film, following the huge success of "Borat", also directed by Larry Charles. Also based on a character he created as part of the "Ali G Show", Baron Cohen invests in a format close to the one that proved so successful for "Borat". "Bruno" follows the life of fashion stalwart Bruno, who is fired from his Austrian TV show after a disastrous presence in a fashion show. Bruno decides to come to America and attempt to revive his career and life and in the process become a celebrity. Accompanied by his assistant Lutz, Bruno embarks in a series of interviews and attempts at stardom that culminate in his decision to shed his "gay" persona and embark in a "straight" lifestyle. Unlike "Borat" that had a very documentarian look and feel to it, "Bruno" definitely has more of a narrative oriented goal, and the hybrid solution makes the final product lack in filmic interest. It's an interesting film in the sense that it pushes buttons, makes the viewer think and is funny in certain sections, but as an overall film experience, it leaves a lot to be desired. Sacha Baron Cohen is without a doubt a great talent, but "Bruno" is not the best showcase for it.