Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Deep End

Movie Name: The Deep End
Year of Release: 2001
Director: Scott McGehee, David Siegel
Stars: Tilda Swinton, Goran Visnjic, Jonathan Tucker, Peter Donat, Josh Lucas, Raymond J. Barry, Tamara Hope, Holmes Osborne, Richard Gross
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Score out of ten (whole numbers only): 8
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Directors Scott McGehee and David Siegel followed their well received and auspicious debut "Suture" with "The Deep End", which definitely put them on the map (the film made its debut at the Sundance Film Festival of 2001). The film is an adaptation of the novel by Elisabeth Holding and follows the story of Margaret Hall, a mother of three, whose husband is a pilot on an aircraft carrier. She discovers her oldest son, teenage Beau, is having an affair with a much older man, who owns a nightclub located in the town close to where they live. Following an argument between Beau and Darby, the latter has an accident and dies close to Margaret's house. She discovers it and afraid that is somewhat related to her son, she dumps the body in a cove. The police starts investigating the situation as a homicide. To make matters worse, a man shows up with a tape of Darby and Beau having sex, threatening to leak it to the police unless he gets $50,000.
"The Deep End" is a film that slowly unveils the tribulations of Margaret Hall, the central character, who discovers more about her son and the perils that threaten her seemingly idyllic life. The film slowly adds further difficulties to the character's journey, all the while showing how an intelligent and resourceful woman deals with the tribulations that come into her life. The central character is a perfect showcase for the chameleonic Tilda Swinton, who makes Margaret a compassionate and intelligent woman, fiercely protective of her children, but also ready to do what it takes to protect them. The film is beautifully shot by Giles Nuttgens and features a good score from Peter Nashel. A very good film worth revisiting!